Listening to Inspiration

What can truly move us beside form and color are religious themes, personal expression, and dramatic story. The older pieces that I used as inspiration have all these. The abstract portraiture collection was inspired by Renaissance paintings of faces; bold, exciting and filled with inner meaning.

The viewer searches for a human connection imagining the feelings of the subject. Applying this to a contemporary setting helped me reflect the story of the old and more fully understand the development of the new. Use of vivid color and expression, convey dramatic depths, excitement, and unique personal history. These artists want to be remembered, leave their mark. Their concerns were grounded in hope and Devine belief, which I have tried to replicate.

The Illuminated manuscript series was inspired by the original manuscripts at the MET/Cloisters.


The colors, organization and overall beauty of the pieces impressed me. and I imagined the artists laboring over these works. Was it possible to develop an understanding of their community, express their deep love and hope in a contemporary work?

These were designed to be revealing and very personal in order to achieve a more intimate viewing.

About the Artist

Joseph Blumstein
Tel 914-882-4344

Artist’s Resume & Statement

Born and raised in New York City, its tempo has always been part of my life. I was educated in the NYC public school system and graduated from New York University and studied at the Art Students League. This city has always had a fresh, cutting edge appeal to me.  I’ve lived in Brazil and Italy but always returned.  

Joseph Blumstein, the artist
Joseph Blumstein, the artist

After a productive professional life, I am pursuing a second career as an abstract artist. Painting for me is a continuing exploration and reflection of life.

Every painting I do is based on reality. I am looking at the world and painting what I see, using color and form – not filtered through a mental concept.  The artwork expresses a familiar world in other dimensions, a world that we live in and absorb daily, but do not always perceive.

the works of Joseph Blumstein